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Trellis Panels and Versailles planters at the Chelsea Flower Show

1st January 2019

At The Chelsea Flower Show Using Tropical Plants And Evergreen Shrubs With Our Vibrant And Decorative Wooden Trellis Panels

With Chelsea undoubtably being one of the most desirable areas of London and one of the most sought-after places to live in England the pressure is on for properties to have an air of elegance.

Your outdoor space may be limited in Chelsea, so a well-designed garden is essential to make the most of it.  Through creative urban landscaping design, you can maximise your garden space by adding levels, colour and creating functional spaces. The use of beautiful handcrafted trellis panels and stylish Versailles planters will make your garden look stunning. 

One example we exhibited at the Chelsea Flower Show used tropical plants and evergreen shrubs combined with our vibrant and decorative trellis panels. This design ensures your garden has colour and greenery all year round and you can choose the colour(s) we paint your trellis panels to suit your garden.  

If you would like to discuss the use of our gorgeous wooden trellis or Versailles planters in your Chelsea or London garden, please contact us.

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