Garden Trellis Panels Made in Britain

The finest garden trellis panels for your garden

Standard Trellis

Our standard trellis panels are contemporary versions of trellis made during the 17th century, the Golden Age of French classic landscaping craftsmanship.

Functional and decorative, these garden trellis panels are equally ideal for courtyards, against a wall or as free-standing panels for gardens of any size.

Our customers use our trellis panels in a variety of ways, some of these include:

  • As a stylish focal point
  • To section off a garden or to provide an outdoor “room”
  • As garden trellis screening to give privacy
  • To conceal an unsightly feature such as a fuel tank or a dustbin
  • To make a light boundary in a garden

Standard Trellis Sizes

Our trellis panels are made of 10m x 33mm FSC larch timber. For this reason they are reasonably lightweight therefore easy to handle.

We can bespoke fit our trellis panels in any sizes.

Available in standard sizes as follows (nearest to):

  • TRL01 /1 and TRL02/1 – 1.80m X 1.0m
  • TRL01/1.2, TRL02/1.2, TRL03/1.2, TRL04/1.2 – 1.80m X 1.20m
  • TRL01/1.4, TRL02/1.4, TRL03/1.4, TRL04/1.4 – 1.80m X 1.40m
  • TRL01/1.6, TRL02/1.6, TRL03/1.6, TRL04/1.6 – 1.80m X 1.60m
  • TRL01/1.8, TRL02/1.8, TRL03/1.8, TRL04/1.8 – 1.80m X 1.80m

Please contact us for a bespoke trellis quote or to order your standard trellis panels for delivery across the UK & Ireland.

Standard Trellis Photo